Established in 2013 by Lorenzo Cianchi, Natascia Fenoglio and Francesco Valtolina, Rio Grande is Milan-based multidisciplinary collective and the confluence of distinct sensitivities and backgrounds.
Rio Grande is a creative platform in which craftsmanship and imagination, trial and error, materials and experimentation, all are used to create limited-edition objects characterized by uncommon combinations of shapes, textures, and surfaces.
Rio Grande is open to collaboration, exchange, and growth.


Lorenzo Cianchi after graduation in Fine Arts specialized in 2009 at Tokyo Zokei University. He took part with some collectives of performative and visual art. He was assistant for several artists and galleries.


Natascia Fenoglio after academic and design studies founds the Ciboh collective in 2003. Since 2010, after the collective Ciboh has disbanded, she works individually with a mode increasingly closer to the installation and performance food.


Francesco Valtolina is co-founder with Kevin Pedron of Dallas, a Creative Direction and Graphic Design studio based in Milan.

Art director of Mousse Magazine and Publishing since 2008.

Lecturer of Graphic Design for Contemporary Art at NABA Milan, and Editorial Design at ISIA, Urbino.