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Established in 2013 by Lorenzo Cianchi, Natascia Fenoglio and Francesco Valtolina, Rio Grande is Milan-based multidisciplinary collective and the confluence of distinct sensitivities and backgrounds.
Rio Grande is a creative platform in which craftsmanship and imagination, trial and error, materials and experimentation, all are used to create limited-edition objects characterized by uncommon combinations of shapes, textures, and surfaces.
Rio Grande is open to collaboration, exchange, and growth.


Lorenzo Cianchi after graduation in Fine Arts specialized in 2009 at Tokyo Zokei University. He took part with some collectives of performative and visual art. He was assistant for several artists and galleries.


Natascia Fenoglio after academic and design studies founds the Ciboh collective in 2003. Since 2010, after the collective Ciboh has disbanded, she works individually with a mode increasingly closer to the installation and performance food.


Francesco Valtolina is co-founder with Kevin Pedron of Dallas, a Creative Direction and Graphic Design studio based in Milan.

Art director of Mousse Magazine and Publishing since 2008.

Lecturer of Graphic Design for Contemporary Art at NABA Milan, and Editorial Design at ISIA, Urbino.


Silent world

_MG_3332_2000 _MG_3486_2000 _MG_3436_2000Cousteau writes down in his diaries: “… cigarettes smoked underwater, because of the greater pressure, burn twice rapidly”. The Jacques Cousteau’s dream of a life underseas is at the base of this new project: a series of fruit stands, unique pieces in enamelled ceramic, are a new chapter of the project Silent World. The dishes surmounted between the cigarettes in an apparently pre- carious equilibrium recall a circense show. They were made for the “Breakfast Pavillion”, a project curated by Luca Lo Pinto during the 55th Venice Biennale at the A+A Gallery in Venice

Photo courtesy :Claudia Ferri



Donna Jordan

IMG_8085-IMG_8089-During the residency “Fittile Futuribile” organized by the city of Urbania to design new ceramic products, Rio Grande developed a project deeply bound to the territory, an area of the Marche region named ‘jeans valley’, which gave inspiration for a project based on the ‘spaghetti-western’ film genre. Rio Grande realized a table-set and a series of vases, all filled with bullet holes.



Barbarian Kiln


Senza-titolo-2 D_SL_8824-3

During the second edition of the Terraforma festival inside Villa Arconati’s park in Milan, Rio Gran- de organised a workshop/performance about primordial techniques for ring clay. A ‘en plein air’ wood-oven was conceived and produced during the workshop, and then used to fire an outdoor oven named ‘Slimer’, designed by Rio Grande.

Photo Courtesy _Delfino Sisto Legnani


Kunsthalle Wien



The exhibition display arises from the desire to translate an experience within the space: the concept of “home”, in this case metonymically recalled by roofs, refers to an individual and mundane ritual, the one of reading. The roof tile becomes a foundational element, acting both in its traditional role and as a support for the content, allowing for the creation of a modular, potentially replicable, infinite structure around the concept of ready-made.


Art Direction & Set Design for Mousse. Fingers, 2015. Ceramic.


Miart 2015 campaign


Miart is the Milan contemporary art fair. Working with the contemporary art magazine Mousse, we created a wearable set design which included masks, necklaces, collars, and other accessories, as well as the set for the photo shootings (Photo by Jeremias Morandell, Video by Massimiliano Bomba). The campaign is both in print and video.





Books on Mousse Magazine

Art direction and set design for the books photos in the contemporary art magazine Mousse.  (Issue # 3, #4, #5, #6) Photo by Bea De Giacomo.


Sending Out For You



Book Notes

Installation for Book Notes, a video by Swiss collector Christoph Schifferli, created on the occasion of the publishing festival Sprint, Milan, 2013



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